Acteon X-Mind DC X-ray Generator  

The new X-Mind DC generator is fitted with a Toshiba DG-073B-DC double anode tungsten tube (intensity of 4 mA and 8 mA), it generates a constant voltage of 60 kV or 70 kV. It operates at high frequencies and constant potential which enables very high quality radiation to be emitted, whatever the conditions of use.

The choice of voltage (60 or 70 kV) and intensity (4 or 8 mA) enables optimal diagnosis of intraoral X-rays with a 35% reduction in exposure time, compared with monophased units. The timer can control up to two DC generators.

The extremely short exposure times (minimum 0.02 sec.)are suitable for digital radiology with CCD, CMOS or phosphor plate sensors (radiation is 50% less than that used with “E” type films).

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