Acteon X-Mind Unity X-ray Generator & Sopix Digital Sensor  

X-MindTM unity is pre-wired to allow for the integration of the SOPIX digital sensor. Therefore, you can simply connect it to your X-MindTM unity at the time of installation or anytime in the future.

SOPIX inside enables integration without any visible cables. SOPIX inside connects effortlessly to the X-MindTM unity without technical assistance within a minute. Plug and Play!

With the ACE technology, patented by SOPRO®, over-exposed images are eliminated.  Regardless of the amount of radiation emitted by the generator, the SOPIX sensor only uses the optimal dose required for a quality image. This technology applied to X-MindTM unity allows the SOPIX sensor to start and stop the generator thus avoiding all risk of over exposing the image and patient as well as unnecessary re-takes of acquisitions.


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